FREE Early Literacy Ebook: From Babbles to Books

How can you encourage children’s language development, from their first baby babbles to their first years of school? It’s a question on the minds of parents and teachers of all young learners, regardless of background or disability. Today I’m excited to bring you a terrific free resource with lots of tips on encouraging early language development, straight from some of today’s top experts.




From Babbles to Books: Supporting Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood is a 54-page, full-color ebook you can download, keep, and share as a resource. It’s packed with helpful hints, fun activities, printable handouts, and practical tips on how to play, talk, and read with young children from birth to age 5.



You’ll get fun, ready-to-use ideas on how to:

  • engage young children with language-rich activities
  • recognize language milestones, red flags, and next steps
  • embed language learning in everyday interactions
  • use shared storytimes to boost early literacy skills
  • teach kids their letters and phonemes
  • construct literacy-rich preschool environments for all learners
  • implement literacy and language supports for children with disabilities
  • and more!



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