Strengthening Reading Comprehension: New Activity Book & FREE Sample Lesson!

If you’re already using Nancy Hennessy’s bestselling Reading Comprehension Blueprint book—or if you’re a K-8 educator looking for ways to strengthen students’ comprehension skills—here’s an exciting new resource to check out. In response to popular demand, literacy consultant Nancy Hennessy has developed a new activity book that helps teachers apply her popular Blueprint and deliver structured comprehension instruction that gets results.

Perfect for professional development, The Reading Comprehension Blueprint Activity Book is great for individual study, small-group discussions, or training programs/learning communities. This hands-on field guide is grounded in the science of reading, and it covers every section of the Blueprint: vocabulary, syntax and sentence comprehension, text structures, background knowledge, and levels of understanding and inference as well as expression of understanding. For each of these areas, this activity book gives you:

  • Clear and concise guidance on the what, why, and how of instruction
  • Sample lesson plans you can use as models for your own
  • Instructional activities that help students build key skills needed for comprehension
  • Ready-to-use tips for successful teaching
  • “Try This” activities that help you reflect on and hone your instruction
  • Supports for diverse learners, including students with learning disabilities and English language learners
  • Reader-friendly definitions of important terms
  • Links to multimedia content for further learning

Here’s an inside look at the kind of content you’ll find in the activity book. Click the link below to access a free sample lesson on Sentence Parsing—an effective way to help students identify and understand the function of words, phrases, and clauses by deconstructing sentences.


Ready to enhance reading comprehension skills for all learners in Grades K-8? Get The Reading Comprehension Blueprint and companion Activity Book:

The Reading Comprehension Blueprint Activity Book
A Practice & Planning Guide for Teachers
By Nancy E. Hennessy, M.Ed., & Julia Salamone, M.Ed.


The Reading Comprehension Blueprint
Helping Students Make Meaning from Text
By Nancy Hennessy, M.Ed.


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