Inclusion QuickTips: A Co-Teacher’s Oath

Today’s tips are for: K-12 schools

The challenge: Strengthening the co-teaching relationship

Will you be starting your next school year side-by-side with a co-teacher? Today’s QuickTip download is a handy reminder of what goes into an effective, respectful, and mutually beneficial co-teaching partnership.

At your next planning meeting with your fellow educator, bring along a copy of this Co-Teacher’s Oath (from How to Co-Teach by Potts & Howard). It’s a good tool to use as a conversation starter for the year ahead, whether you’re building a new alliance or preparing for another year with an established partner. Add your signatures and hang it in a shared workspace, and it’ll help keep your partnership on track all year long.



What would you add to this Co-Teacher’s Oath? Add your most important co-teaching principle in the comments below.


How to Co-Teach



P.S. Find tons of other co-teaching tips and strategies in How to Co-Teach!

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