FREE DOWNLOAD: Screening Success Decisions Guide

What makes an early childhood screening and monitoring program successful? Many factors contribute to the success of a program, but the foundation is always thorough and comprehensive planning.

Today’s free download is a handy checklist of key questions to consider as you plan your program, such as:

  • Who is the leader of your screening program?
  • What sta­ff will be involved in the screening program? What are their responsibilities?
  • Who will prepare the materials needed for screening?
  • What training will staff­ receive?
  • What screening tool will you use? Will you use a developmental screening tool and a social-emotional screening tool?
  • When will you screen? Will you screen infants and toddlers more frequently than older children?
  • What are your referral criteria?
  • How will you record screening results? Will you enter results into an online management system?
  • Who will share results with parents?
  • Will you share results with health care providers or other community partners?
  • How will you evaluate the success of your program?


For the full checklist of questions, click the link below. Keep this as a helpful reminder of the key decisions to make and important information to gather as you make your screening plan.


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