FREE TOOLKIT: Involving Families in Assessment and Intervention

A young child’s healthy development depends on many factors, including early assessment and intervention for children who have delays or disabilities. And when parents and other caregivers are involved as active partners, everyone benefits: families, programs, and children. That’s why we’ve created this FREE gift for you: a toolkit of strategies, handouts, tip sheets, and other tools for keeping families involved and engaged throughout the whole process of assessment and intervention.

Inside this 22-page toolkit, you’ll discover:

  • The why: Benefits of family involvement
  • The how: 5 steps to strengthening family participation
  • Troubleshooting strategies: How to overcome challenges to family participation
  • Links to more resources, including 12 helpful blog posts to read and share

Download your free toolkit today, and strengthen your partnership with families so that all young children in your program thrive!

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