Inclusion QuickTips: Disclosing a Disability

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Self-advocates, support teams of young adults with disabilities in the workplace


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How to disclose a disability to an employer

If you teach and support young adults with disabilities, you might get the question “when and how should I disclose my disability when I apply for a job or internship?” It’s an important question, since disclosure is often the only path to accessing necessary accommodations on the job. As the Office of Disability Employment Policy states:

“…the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act protect you from disability-related discrimination and provide for meaningful access. The laws require that qualified applicants and employees with disabilities be provided with reasonable accommodations. Yet, in order to benefit from the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act, you must disclose your disability. An employer is only required to provide work-related accommodations if you disclose your disability to the appropriate individuals.”

For students who decide to disclose, today’s download will help guide them through the process. It’s a one-sheet of 9 specific tips on how to disclose a disability at several different points: from the resume process to on the job, when they encounter a challenge related to their disability. Print it out and share it with the young adults you teach as they prepare for life beyond the classroom.


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What advice would you add to this tip sheet? Tell us in the comments below!


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